body shaving


It's the twenty-first century, guys. Wake up and smell the winds of change.

The disco era may have encouraged tufts of hair sprouting from your neckline, but those years are over. A modern take on masculinity has arrived and the newly coined term, 'manscaping' is here to stay.

Footballer, pop star or porn star, a smooth chest is now a top priority, we'll show you how to navigate manscaping safely and effectively.


Chest hair is a matter of preference, although those who don't regularly bench press their own body weight might want to think twice before removing any forgiving tufts of body hair. If you do, the best way to show off your hard work would be through a thorough waxing.

Many salons now specialise in men's waxing and contrary to the impressions given by women - itsn't isn't that painful. If you can withstand a decent gym session, you can handle a wax.

A sucessful wax isn't just about the technique of the therapist, it's what you do afterwards that counts. For an irritation free treatment, avoid hot showers and chemicals (like those in chlorinated pools) or exercise at least 24 hours afterwards. Waxing leaves pores open, leaving them more prone to irritation, so working up a sweat will mean your waxed chest won't be suitable for public display.

For those with denser chest hair, shaving isn't a practical alternative as it leaves a blunt edge to the hair. Those who do will also get some incredibly itchy regrowth within a few days. The skin will also be more prone to irritation from chafing and the sun, but there's a higher risk of ingrown hairs and cutting yourself.

For the rest of us, trimming chest hair to a more workable and visually pleasing length is the best option. A pair of electric clippers will do the trick, especially those with comb adjustments. Start with the longer length attachment, and work your way down.




Chest hair may be a matter of preference, but back hair is not. You'll be hard pressed to find a female who is partial to a little back hair, despite their opinions about the chest area.

Waxing will take care of the hair for around four to six weeks, permanent hair removal methods are the best bet. Laser and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) are the most advanced and effective methods and each treatment can dramatically reduct reduce hair growth. Most guys don't find it painful at all. The lasers seek out melanin (the natural colour) in the hair and kill the blood supply to the follicle, which will eventually stop hair growth all together.

The only catch is that all your hair is not above the surface at all times, which means that occasionally more can pop up, which can be costly - however if you've got the cash, this method is worth it.


This one is for the truly brave. Highly effective and mostly risk-free - it's an option for the brazen among us. In the past the methods were a little less refined, however these days you can get through it with your ego still intact.

If you've got the goods for this treatment, find a salon that uses hot wax as an alternative to strip wax - it moulds into the area and sets, making hair removal much easier, despite the region.



Many cyclists will lead you to believe that hair removal on the legs aids aerodynamics. They'd be wrong. There are no academic studies to prove that a bald limb will slice through the air more efficiently than a hairy one, as the resistance is simply far too minimal to matter.

The only genuine reason for shaving is to reduce road rash, during those unfortunate and gory moments where it's required to pick bits of the road out of your body.

The technique for shaving your legs is similar to the one used for shaving your face, but is easier to do in the shower. Be aware that once you start, it's hard to stop.