Lose the man sweater


A man's reasons are a man's reasons. Whatever yours is, be it a request or a desire for the benefits of the 'optical inch,' smarts and correct technique have never been so important.

A shaving rash on your jaw isn't far from ideal, so apply the same thought to the nether regions and stick to the ground rules. Ignore at your own peril.

The first rule is to gather the correct tools. A regular razor blade is the first thing to avoid, you'll end up in a tricky navigational battle and you might cut yourself.

An electric 'body groomer' is your best option, when used wet and with the right products. They're a more foolproof alternative and now is not the time to be taking risks.

For perfect results, we’d suggest in investing in two items: an electric razor with a hypoallergenic foil (flat and perforated, with blades below the surface) and a pair of clippers with an adjustable comb attachment (to help remove the ‘bulk’ from thicker tufts of hair). If you can find a gadget that does both, even better!

Chipping into the bush with a pair of clippers or blunted scissors (we can’t stress that part enough) is relatively simple but attending to the family jewels requires real technique. Here are four simple steps to disaster-free depilating:

  1. STEP 1
  2. STEP 2
  3. STEP 3
  4. STEP 4


Begin by cleaning the area and then powdering it thoroughly to soak up any excess moisture.


Carefully pull the loose skin as taut as possible so that the clippers don’t accidentally snip you and shear at a 45-degree angle with a pair of body clippers until all you’re left with is a five o’clock shadow.


Attend to the remaining stubble with a flat foil blade. Again, pull the skin taut and move the surface of the blade in a small circular motion until the area is left completely smooth.


Finish with an alcohol-free moisturising balm. Top up as often as possible.