Post-workout skin workout


If you're prone to working up a sweat at the gym or after a few laps of the sporting field, you may think a simple shower is all you need to freshen up. You're wrong. Sport is great for optimal health and will keep you looking fit, but there's more to looking your best and keeping your skin in shape. Here's why:

When you sweat, you lose moisture. Exercising, especially weight training gives your skin a workout too. Cell growth is increasing along with your muscles, which means post-repair and restoration of collagen fibres is essential.

Showering alone is damaging to the skin, because it removes a key lipid barrier. To avoid this, keep your showers as short and cooling as possible.

The best thing you can do post-workout to restore the skin's natural moisture is to apply a body lotion. A 30 second application will strengthen your skin, stimulate circulation, hydrate and detoxify the body.