You missed a spot, the size of your body


Like the best well oiled machines, it takes time and effort to be in the best shape and be roadworthy. A man's body is no different. You want to keep what you have in pristine condition, so you'll be running better for longer. Men's skincare is one of the most important long-term investments for your body, and mind. You want to look healthy, strong and always good to go. Attention to detail and the finishing touches make the difference between zero and hero.

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Exfoliating isn't just easy to say, it's fairly easy to do. A quick and easy way of removing any dead skin cells and uncovering fresher skin. The process also unclogs pores, so you can look at it as a kind of rust prevention process.

Applied to damp skin in gentle circular motions with more time spent on rougher areas like knees and elbows.

Men actually benefit more from exfoliation than women due to the thicker nature of the skin, but don't tell your girlfriend! 


After showering, think of drying off as a polishing stage too. Pat away at the moisture, rather than scrubbing yourself dry. There are worse things on earth to damage your skin than a towel, yes - but you don't want to cause unnececessary irritation or chafing. Work from the head downwards for maximum efficiency, and don't neglect the nooks and crannies.

Now your skin is prepped for the final and most important treatment stage.


You guessed it - it's time to moisturise. This is equivalent to the final protective coat of wax to your car. Moisturising seals in the liquids and stops your skin from drying out. All the while improving your skin's appearance and provides an important protective barrier against environmental damage. It's a fortifier for men's skin and makes it more resilient allowing it to perform more efficiently, which is well worth the effort.