10 ways to recharge



H2O, that is. Most of us fail to drink the right amount of water and then rely on diuretics like coffee and alcohol that only increase dehydration, as much as we don't care at the time. Without enough water, the body struggles to eliminate waste and get nutrients, leaving the skin looking old and grey. Rather than drink when you're thirsty (which is the body's way of telling you it's already dehydrated), fill a large water bottle and leave it on your desk - this constant visual cue will make you drink more throughout the day.


As a general rule, quality over quantity is what you want in the bedroom. So find something better to do than sleep in on weekends, or you'll throw your natural rhythm out and then  nobody wins. Six hours shuteye is generally considered the minimum for optimal functioning during waking hours, but it's important they're six worthwhile hours. Fill in your spare time as you wish.


Do 1,000 chin ups before bed to get a good night's sleep. Kidding. Just establish a solid pre-bed routine to get your brain and body used to winding down for the night - it makes a difference.


Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, despite how much you want your Mum to be wrong sometimes. Skipping it means a lower metabolism and depleted energy all day. So grab an apple, some muesli or as a last resort, leftover pizza on your way out the door.


If you lay in the sun for ten hours, you'll look like dinner. But stick with ten minutes and you'll get just the dose of sunshine you need. Vitamin D from the sun and natural light are known to boost your energy levels and mood. So cross the road to the sunny side for a couple of blocks.


Twenty minutes running around a virtual field in your living room isn't a workout, unfortunately - opt for a couple of laps of the oval during lunchtime instead. Daily exercise can have a serious impact on your mood, health and overall wellbeing. And contrary to popular opinion, exercise actually increases your energy levels. Physical activity gets oxygen to every cell in your body, leaving you feeling like a brand new man.


Unless you're a professional bodybuilder, you need to keep an eye on your food intake. Carbohydrates are easy to love but we need to realise the impact they're having on our body. Empty carbs will get you high for a while, then you'll come crashing down to earth and want to sleep at your desk. Replace the white breads, cakes and fizzy drinks with decent food like brown rice or rye bread for optimal functioning.


This may sound stupid, but remember to breathe. Most of us spend our time taking short, shallow breaths, making it harder for oxygen to transport itself around the body. Deep breathing is best: just imagine you're trying to fill your stomach with air and you're on the money. It'll keep you calm and alert (which beats being stressed and out of it).


As hard as it may be to step away from your phone, laptop and TV screen, turning them off could mean the difference between a good and a rubbish night's sleep. The blue lights that live in most screens are actually stimulants. Watching that show, or getting into Angry Birds before you go to bed, is the same as having a cup of coffee. So power down at least an hour before bed and sleep better.


Does your desk look like a crime scene? Mess is possibly the least productive thing ever. Cluttered living and work environments are indicative of someone not having their life together and they only make the chaos worse. So take couple of hours one weeknight to clean up and prioritise your workloads. A tidy room is a tidy mind, as all parents have said at least a hundred times in their lifetime. They're right.