Fear no beard



The state of your facial hair says a lot about your state of being. A neat moustache can turn you from zero to hero, while a bit of unkempt stubble can suggest you're a wannabe rock God. A full-on Gandalf situation, however, might give the impression you belong to a bikie gang. Now that beards are on trend, it's important that you control the shape and length to maintain the right image - particularly if you're rocking some growth in the corporate scene.


If you kicked back and let the follicles run free, you'd have a forest on your face. Growing the perfect beard requires just as much attention and time as the daily shave. The most important part is the choice of shape - never let strays hang over the upper lip or get involved in your food. Stop it heading south below the neckline, too. To get the shape just right, grab a wet razor to clearly indicate where your beard ends and your neck begins. Outline the shape on your face, then shave from the ear to the corner of the lip with as much of a natural line as possible. Save the hard angles for Dracula.


A noteworthy beard requires the right tools so you don't end up looking like one. Bin the rusty hedge trimmers and invest in a pair of clippers with an attachment to keep your growth at a respectable length, with thought to what's appropriate for your lifestyle and professional situations (anything that would catch a bird, for example, is unsuitable for most conservative offices).


Your hair and beard are a single entity when it comes to cleanliness, as much as you don't want to hear it. Beards need regular washing and so does the skin under them. Use a facial wash just as you'd use shampoo on your hair. This will not only work to keep the hair and skin in good condition, but will also wash away all the dirt, pollution and breakfast your beard collects over 24 hours.

Growth can get a tad itchy in its early days, but the use of a moisturising gel like NIVEA Men's revitalizing Q10 formula will help alleviate the scratchy feeling and hydrate underneath. Bonus: the gel formula won't leave a crunchy residue on your barb.