Big weekend? If you've been giving your snooze button a workout and only have five minutes to get out the door, you'll need to get your limbs in gear and multi-task your way to work. Grab your clothes and hang them in the bathroom so the steam can work its magic while you shower. In this situation, you'll also need your products to do more than just get you clean. NIVEA Men 3-in-1 Shower Gel, a shampoo, shaving gel and body wash in one, will do the trick. All you'll need then is your toothbrush and paste.

Towel dry your hair, pop your gel in your pocket and sort it out on your way. Now you're ready to hit the ground running. If you find this oversleeping thing happening all too often, invest in a cordless electric razor you can break out on your commute.


Fifteen minutes is a solid amount of time to get yourself in order. If you're an everyday shaver, it's a good idea to get warmed up in the shower first and give your face a chance to deflate. The hot water will de-puff morning skin and make shaving a whole lot easier.

Once you've got your technique under control, a good shave should take about seven minutes, leaving you a few more to dry off, put on some pants, aftershave balm and a workable hair product. Keys, wallet, phone, door and you're sorted.


So you finally manned up to ask her out and you're catching up tonight. You've got no choice but to bring your 30-minute A-game. This is the perfect opportunity to try out a few specialised products to get your skin looking the part. A clay mask will suck out any impurities and brighten up your skin (ignore the fact you might look a bit strange for 10 minutes - just lock the bathroom door).

You can use the post-shower time wisely and towel dry, apply deodorant and make sure you haven't got any overgrown nails because nobody wants to date that guy. Wash off the mask with warm water and shave if you're feeling it. Check out our guide to getting PhD in Shaving if you're after some tips.

Next it's time to pay attention to detail, snip stray eyebrow hairs, and get your nostrils under control. Style your hair as usual and use your tried and tested cologne (WARNING: don't apply it to your freshly shaved face - that'll hurt like crazy). Step up to the plate and you're second date material.