Skin reaction


Shaving is unavoidable, but isn't always great for your skin if you don't follow the rules. Each shave inflicts damage, visible or otherwise. We've made a visual guide to show you what your skin endures, and how you can be a little friendlier to your face.


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As the blade makes the journey from cheek to jaw, the skin comes along for the ride. The removal of this barrier, along with the hair, makes skin prone to dehydration and germs. The blade by nature will also cause microcuts that need to be looked after to avoid infection.


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After any trauma, we need time to get over it. Our skin is the same. An aftershave balm eases the bare skin back to life and repairs any damage by rebuilding the skin's protective barrier.

Too much alcohol can dry the skin and make irritations worse, finding a product with the right alcohol content is essential. Anything that contains more than 50% alcohol will inevitably make the post-shave a bad experience.

NIVEA MEN'S aftershave lotion has a 30% alcohol content, which is half the amount found in traditional post-shave products.