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Getting older doesn't mean getting ugly, but there's a difference between 'distinguished' and 'derelict'. Harness your inner silver fox as we look at the five most common signs of ageing and how you can get them underfoot.

facemap antiage frowlines


Constant use of your face causes the horizontal lines across the forehead and vertical ones between the eyebrows. These are an unavoidable part of life if you enjoy making expressions, but can be avoided with a multi-tasking anti-ageing formula. Laughter lines are endearing, looking permanently confused is not.


Crow's feet aren't just on the legs of birds. The tiny lines at the edges of your eyes are caused by sun exposure and worsened by smoking. The skin is thinner here so creases easily, but a targeted anti-ageing eye gel can help protect the sensitve skin and reduce the environmental impact on your face.

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facemap antiage saggingjaw


You may cruise through the glory years with a jawline like George Clooney, but time will cause it to soften or even droop. A combination of basic facial exercises and products containing firming ingredients will combat gravity and reduce a jowly appearance.


Although the phrase 'redistribution of cheek fat' isn't something you hear in common conversation, it's an activity your face is participating in every day. The lines around your mouth become more pronounced with age and the fatty tissue is responsible. These lines are harder to erase but ingredients that restore skin elasticity can prevent the situation from getting worse.

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