The young and the restless


Work hard and play harder - we know you do it. But the whole world doesn't need to know you're sleep deprived and nursing a  hangover. Recognise the physical signs of fatigue and how to fight them and you'll kick off Mondays looking like you've had the quietest weekend on record.

facemap fighting dry


Your skin and winter aren't mates. In fact, they kind of hate each other. Wind is particularly harsh because it dries out the moisture your face is carrying around. A few days in the great outdoors and your skin will be patchy and dry. Start to look alive again with a daily moisturiser designed to restore the balance and keep you from shedding those essential layers.


Nobody wants to look like the walking dead. If you leave the house with dark bags under your eyes, you might get a free cup of coffee, but you won't look good. No sleep means pale skin and a higher contrast between the shadows under your eyes. A few cheeky eye products can counteract the discolouration and tide you over until you can hit the hay.

facemap fighting dark circles
facemap fighting  puff eyes


Puffy eyes say two things: you've had a shocking night's sleep and you're not on your game. Neither of these are a good start to the day. Swollen eyes indicate high blood pressure, which forces fluid into the tissue around your eyes. Alcohol and salty foods just make the situation worse, so before you leave the house get your hands on an eye product or a couple of ice cubes to reduce the puff.


Translucent skin is a major turn-off when you wind up looking like you haven't slept in a hundred years. It's mostly caused by stress and exacerbated by smoking and highly air conditioned rooms. Rather than be a walking billboard for dead skin cells, fix the problem with daily cleansing and a good exfoliant.

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